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Welcome! Have you heard? Rabbi Kelemen has finally started teaching again! We hope you are excited about this news as we are.

There has never been anyone exactly like you in all of human history, with your precise physical, intellectual, and spiritual profiles. There never will be anyone exactly like you in the future, and there is no one exactly like you on earth today. You are a one-time event in human history.

And if you are so unique, then it must be you were sent here on a very special mission. Fulfilling that mission requires recognizing who you truly are, with all your strengths and potentials. This is simultaneously one of the most fundamental and one of the most complex challenges each of us faces - getting to know ourselves. Rabbi Kelemen has a new course that provides the essential conceptual introduction and practical steps to begin getting to know oneself. It is based on the text, "Daas Atzmeinu" by Rav Shlomo Wolbe z"l.

Some of the topics covered in this course include the reality of inherent human greatness (including your own, of course), getting to know which of the four basic elements is most influential in your unique personality, how to recognize the "Yetzer Hara" (destructive inclination) and tips to stop it in its tracks, and who is "Ani" -- the "Me" inside of each of us?

You will also learn a clear, 3-step process to help us identify our biases and check our sincerity so that we can avoid making dangerous errors based on misguided thinking and rationalizations (similar to those of Korach and the 10 Spies)... and much, much more!

These are just a few examples of the valuable, practical knowledge and tools in this fascinating course.

There is also another exciting series already underway! This one teaches us how to develop, deeply ingrain, and apply the principles of Bitachon (trust in God) to significantly reduce anxiety and live a happier, calmer, fuller life. This will be available soon, as well as other great courses and freebies already in the works. There are always new things happening here, as Rabbi Kelemen is always working on new ideas, coming up with new ways to bring value to his students, and aspiring to help as many people as he can, enriching our lives with potent lessons and practical takeaways.

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We hope you enjoy these special gifts, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!